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No badge of service does he wear,

He lives, a "HERO" unaware,

A man who rolls his sleeves to give

His blood to help another live,

Who gives without return or fee,

in simple answer to a plea.

That flush of health again may grow

on the cheeks of the one he'll never know.

His blood , a new born babe may save,

from yawning brink of early grave

that child, so weak and small today.

A Hero's role may later play

or one a prey to accident

By his life's blood new strength is lent

His blood may help a surgeon's knife

To bridge the gap from death to life.

None of these will know their name

nor see it carved on Walls of Fame

But we who toll that man may live

A hearty, humble "Thank You" gives.

(If you are interested to be a Blood Donor, contact 606-7623333 ext 4308 or dial direct 606-7604308)

Blood Donation - The Gift of Life


Save a Life ..Be a Donor ----

Why donate blood?

What happen to your blood after you donate?.....

Thank you for helping to save someone's life!