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International Medical Univercity
Hospital Seremban

Photo Gallery
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Drawing Board picture of IMU (before 19.9.1999)

Picture of IMU on 19th. September 1999

Medical students learn in groups practical in the Dry Lab.

Medical student in the Clinical Skill Unit

Prof. James Ware teaching medical students in the Clinical Skills Unit

Plenaries in a Lecture Theatre.
Seen here is a visiting professor, Prof. Jan Hart from Canada

Dr. Yap with IMU medical students...
clinical exposure for student in Seremban Hospital during Phase I

Students in the Clinical Skills Unit in the IMU, Bukit Jalil campus - July 2000...

Dr. Wong teaching students of Phase I (Medical Sciences)- July 2000

Auditorium in IMU, Bukit Jalil Campus seen here is Prof. Eisenmann, Visiting Lecturer from Jefferson Medical School, U.S.A. - July 2000

Presentation by student in the Clinical School, Seremban - July2000

IMU Clinical Students in the Clinical School, Seremban - July 2000